The race suit is the main focus of any rider. Not only for strong brand awareness but also for the niche design to each individual. The race suit also protects the rider from impact to the ground and other types of abrasion. Worn in all types of motorsport: Speedway, Long track, Grasstrack, Sidecar, Youth Speedway and Ice Speedway. The race suit is carefully manufactured and individually tailored to suit each rider to ensure that the suit moves with the rider and that comfort and convenience are present when racing. Suits are made with Kevlar material. The design is printed onto the suit – this allows us to implement any design and gives us the freedom to manufacture a suit solely to the individual without any restrictions from logos or other materials. All suits come with elbow & knee padding at no extra cost, they have 5 elasticated stretch panels, heat shields for the ankles, plastic chunky zips perfect for these conditions, grip panel under the crutch as well as a breathable lining to the back panel.